Ali and Abdulrazak Al-Hussein

Ali and Abdulrazak are 19-year old twins from Aleppo who came to Lebanon in 2013, fleeing from the Syrian conflict. They are living in Tyre with their mother, father, two sisters, and four brothers.


They were enrolled in school in Lebanon but found it difficult."We could not understand or keep up with the English curriculum in Lebanon in addition that the Syrian curriculum is richer according to the information it provides."Their neighbors told them about JCC and that they teach Syrian curriculum, so they applied. "I even feel more comfortable that our teachers are from Syria it kind of feels like home and they are very kind with us."
Ali and Abdulrazak have completed 9th grade in the JCC center in Tyre and received official certificates. Now Ali is studying in a 12th grade Science classes at JCC's center in Saida. Abdulrazak is studying 12th grade literary class in the Tyre center. Ali works on the weekends in garden design to cover his transportation expenses. They hope to go back to Syria soon. Ali wants to study medicine at Damascus University and Abdulrazak wants to study Law.


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