Rakan Hamad

Rakan is 20-years old. His father is a Palestinian refugee from Ein El-Hilweh Camp in Lebanon and his mother is a Palestinian refugee from Al-Yarmouk Camp. They were living in Homs, once the war reached them, they moved to Al-Yarmouk camp in Damascus. Then fled to Khan Al-Shih camp when the war spread to Yarmouk. Rakan's family came to Lebanon in 2012 after his brother was killed. Rakan lives with his father, mother, and 6 sisters. His father is a retired captain pilot and now he is working in a store selling nuts and coffee.

Rakan had finished his course at Siblin Training center in electrical installations. He worked in Beirut but has always dreamed about continuing his academic studies. He had excellent grades at Siblin but didn’t want to be a normal worker; he wanted to be an important person.

His friends told him about JCC, his family was against the idea of him going to Syria to attend the final exams since they had already lost a son. "I was not afraid to go there because I believe that the pen is more powerful than the sword that saying is what kept me strong so I did go and did pass the 9th grade exams. I am glad I did this because if I have listened to my parents and waited until the war is over, I would have lost 5 years in vain. I’m already supposed to be in college so imagine if I had waited!"  He is currently studying 12th grade science classes and wants to become a pilot or a pharmacist. He is dreaming about studying abroad. "I do not think my family would return to Syria since it reminds them of my brother."


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