Nisreen Al-Hasan

Nisreen is a 27-years old and is originally from Manbij District, Aleppo, Syria. But, she was living in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad Camp in Damascus. She has four kids – Ayesha 8, Hasan 7, Hussein 6, and Nawras 5. Currently she is studying at Grade 12 literary.  She did not continue her studies after she married at the age of 15 because she had to take care of  her children. 

She came to Lebanon in 2013 after her husband was killed during the Syrian conflict. She was left with 3 children and was pregnant with her fourth. After she gave birth, her brother brought them from Damascus to Lebanon. 

She heard about JCC Saida Centre from her younger sister. So she registered at the JCC center and was very excited about the positivity she felt there. She was unable to work because she did have childcare and she had to rely on help from aid organizations. After her inability to work, she decided to register with JCC to continue her academic studies. She finished her 9th grade studies and received her official certificate. She says, "My intention of continuing my study is to get a certificate and apply to a university so I can be employed. I want to live a decent life with my children. If it wasn't for JCC I wouldn't be able to be in the state that I am now, I feel stronger and able to build a career so my children could live a complete decent life."


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