»Tell Your Story« Photography Workshop

Updated: May 2, 2018

In the theme-oriented documentary photography project »Tell Your Story«, young Palestinians from the Electronics Program in the JCC center in Sabra explore and express their reality through the camera lens.

The first phase of the workshop consists of the theory and practice of basic photographic techniques. The boys take portraits of each other and quickly develop a keen and precise eye for the golden rule and the handling of natural light. Even more impressing is, that over the workshop, they grew in self-consciousness and -awareness.

In the second phase, the boys get simple single use cameras to tell their own story. With one film per week they document and interpret their live and surrounding through the lens. Afterwards the films are developed and the pictures viewed and discussed together.

Finally, they will work together on an exhibition to display their documentary work.

During the workshop, the young boys will learn the basics of photography and how to apply them, while developing a sense for their own story and how to tell it through images.

The workshop is conducted by the German photographer Bruno Biermann and supported by the German Protestant congregation Beirut.


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