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JCC is part of the Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) founded in 1950. Besides Lebanon, DSPR operates in 4 other regions - the West Bank, Galilee, Gaza and Jordan with a central office for coordination in Jerusalem. Over the years JCC has provided a wide range of services to the refugees in Lebanon which began with relief work but soon changed its focus to education and vocational training.

Over the years JCC has responded to the changing needs of the Palestinians and their surrounding communities. Since its initiation, JCC built its reputation on vocational training for both women and men. The women were offered dressmaking, embroidery and home-economics which have at present turned to the modern courses of hairdressing, beauty skills, secretarial and computer courses. Men were offered carpentry, iron works and leatherwork that have at present given way to the current courses of electronics, electrical installation, barbering, computer maintenance and repair and agriculture- a skill they share with the women.

Education is greatly revered by the Palestinian community which caused JCC to start schools and educational centers right after the refugees arrived in Lebanon. The schools spread all over Lebanon and were open to both genders. Today only one school remains situated in the Mussaitbeh area of Beirut. However, the need for different kinds of educational opportunities have lead JCC to broaden its scope to supporting children who are at risk of dropping out of school or falling behind in their classes. To this end there are study centers and tutoring programs in 2 of our centers. The need for adult education has also not gone unnoticed, with English language and literacy classes available.

JCC maintains a firm commitment to the recognition of rights for Palestinians, both within Lebanon and in other regions. Bringing the situation of the Palestinian refugees into the consciousness of people around the world is a major aspect of advocacy that JCC pursues. JCC is also committed to local advocacy and is involved alongside other NGOs in campaigns asking for the basic civil rights the Palestinians should have.


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